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Flash Movie Player Version History

  • 2.0 (10 June 2021)
    • Flash Player EOL workaround: the program now uses the latest fully-functional version of Flash plug-in directly.
    • FlashStub.dll for the Flash library registration (if needed) without imposing security risks.
    • The "Flash Player information..." command now shows the information about both registered ActiveX Flash Player component and the version of Flash plug-in used by the program.
    • Better Mute and Sound volume handling.
    • Other minor changes and bugfixes.
  • 1.5 (07 January 2007)
    • Sound volume control and Mute command added.
    • Added "Installed Flash Information" command.
    • Now Flash Movie Player can serve as screen saver. You can define flash animations that you want to view when screen saver is launched, and Flash Movie Player will do the job. (Use "File"-"Set as screen saver" command.)
    • Small changes in the drag-and-drop behaviour. If files dropped into the playlist area, they will be added to the existing playlist. If files dropped into the main player area, the current playlist will be cleared.
    • New command line switch added: "/autoclose". If specified, player will be closed when the Flash animation(s) has completed.
    • Other minor changes and bugfixes.
  • 1.4 (06 March 2006)
    • Added snapshoting functionality: taking a snapshot of the current frame and save it in the jpeg or bmp format. Snapshot options.
    • Problems with looping and continuous playing in fullscreen mode solved.
    • Command-line switch added: -f : force full-screen mode. Example:

      fmp.exe c:\path_to_file\my.swf -f

      will open file "my.swf" in full screen mode.
  • 1.3 (27 December 2005)

    New features:

    • Now supports not only IE cache, but also Opera and Mozilla Firefox cache.
    • Sequential playback of flash files in playlist. That means that animations from playlist now playing one-by-one, if one ends, next starts playing automatically.
    • Playlist now integrated with floating option.
    • Playlist entry editor: now you can specify animation title different from filename.
    • Playlist sorting functions: sort by title, filename, full path and file size.
    • Game mode. All shortcuts oftenly used in flash games (Left and Right arrows, Enter and Space) in this mode are disabled.
    • Playlist file now store relative paths if possible, so it not depends on animation locations and you can copy your FMP playlists together with animations to any other locations.
    • Last 5 opened playlist paths are saved.
    • Rewind 1 frame and Forward 1 frame commands are added.

    Some other bugs fixed.

  • 1.2 (28 September 2005)

    Fixed some bugs, background movie color setting added.
    Now player restores fullscreen if it was closed in fullscreen mode during the last launch.

  • 1.1 (19 August 2005)

    Multilanguage support added, some new features and improvements: Open from web, Add from IE cache to playlist.

  • 1.0 (05 August 2005)

    Release of version 1.0.

  • 1.0 beta (13 May 2005)

    Initial public release.

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