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FAQFlash Movie Player Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: You say Flash Movie Player is free of charge. Why it's free? Does it contain spyware or adware stuff?

A: Flash Movie Player is completely free, and it have no spyware or adware bundled. For example, Softpedia assigned "100% clean" award to our player. We believe that our player give you the convenient way to watch flash animations, and it always will be free.

Q: When I try to run the program, it tells me each time that it requires "Macromedia Flash Player plugin", which I already have..

A: If you fully confident you can view flash in the browser, but Flash Movie Player doesn't want to start, it seems you are not using Internet Explorer as a default internet browser :). Some browsers (Opera, for example) install Flash plugin only for itself, not for the whole system. Try to navigate to the Macromedia's flash installation verification page using Internet Explorer, and you'll know the real information about Flash Plugin in your system.

Q: I am wondering if there is some command-line switch to have the program, by default, open the Flash file in full screen mode / for unattended install / etc.?

A: Explore our Flash Movie Player command line switches page.

Q: Where can I find flash (swf) files?

A: There are many sites with Flash animations, some of them listed on our "Assorted Flash links" page. Also you can find swf files in your browser cache, using appropriate command of the Flash Movie Player.

One more tip: not many people knows what Google can search for flash (swf) files. The only thing needed to add filetype:swf into the query box.

For example, if we need to find some JibJab animations, the Google query can be as follows:

JibJab filetype:swf

Next example will search Flash games on the web:

game filetype:swf

Q: The background color setting seems to not work properly - the selected color isn't always what displays.

A: Visual movie representation depends on the flash movie (animation) itself. Some of them have predefined background, some of them have transparent background. Representation part belongs to Macromedia Flash Plugin functionality, so FMP doesn't perform any job here.

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