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Flash Movie Player logoFlash Movie Player - Command line switches

Command line syntax

Flash Movie Player command line syntax:

fmp.exe filename [parameters]

Command line parameters can be preceded by - or /, so -f and /f switches are equal.

Command line parameters

/fForces player to open in fullscreen mode
/autocloseAuto close player after the last frame of flash animation reached
/sScreensaver execution, used only in scrensaver mode
/vScreensaver configuration, used only in scrensaver mode
/pScreensaver preview, used only in scrensaver mode

Unary command line switches

Unary command line switches do not preceded by - or / signs, and they do not require filename.

REGRegister Flash Movie Player as default handler for .swf files
REGLRegister Flash Movie Player as default handler for .fmp playlist files
UNREGUnregister .swf file association

Installation package switches

Command line syntax:

flash_movie_player.exe [parameters]

/SUnattended (silent) installation (player will be installed in the "%ProgramFiles%/Flash Movie Player" folder)
/D=c:\fmpSpecify default installation folder

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