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Winmail Opener usage instructions

One of our users said about Winmail Opener: "So Easy a Caveman Could Use It". It's true. So our tutorial will be brief.

So, you got the "winmail.dat" file which you need to view. Start Winmail Opener and you'll see the welcome screen:

Winmail Opener welcome screen

Now you have several choices to start viewing. You can:

  • Click "Open file" from the program area or from "File" menu
  • Drag your winmail.dat file and drop it to the program window

You also have the option to pass file name to Winmail Opener via command line.

After opening your winmail.dat you can explore its contents - text in the main pane and enclosed attachments in the attachments pane. You can invoke commands (View, Print, etc.) on your attachments as they are regular files on your disk.

If you need to save something from this winmail.dat, you can do it several ways:

  • You can save selected file using "Save" command from "File" menu (you can also "drag & drop" it)
  • You can save the RTF message using "Save message text command"
  • And you can save full contents (all attachments and message text) to the desired folder with "Save All" command
Winmail Opener welcome screen

If you continuously receive these "winmail.dat" files, it may be reasonable to associate Winmail Opener with all files having ".dat" extension ("File" - "Associate with .dat files" command).

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