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FAQWinmail Opener Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: You say Winmail Opener is free of charge. Why it's free? Does it contain spyware or adware stuff?

A: Winmail Opener is completely free, and it have no spyware or adware bundled. For example, Softpedia assigned "100% clean" award to this software. We believe that our application give you the convenient way to open these inconvenient winmail.dat files, and it always will be free.

Q: I would like to recomend this product to be used in the company where I work. Do I need to have the business manager contact you about a site licence for business, or is it freeware for business as well as home users?

A: Winmail Opener is freeware for both commercial and personal use.

Q: Do you have a download for Mac OS X? Is there any program (freeware) for Macintosh users (Mac OS X) to open winmail.dat?

A: This is a frequent question we receive. We do not develop Mac OS software, and could only recommend a freeware Mac OS application for reading and extracting TNEF-encoded files TNEF's Enough. (We heard from Mac OS users it works well).

Q: Is it possible to install Winmail Opener in silent mode?

A: You can use the following installation package switches and syntax:

winmail_opener.exe [switches]

/SUnattended (silent) installation (software will be installed by default in the "%ProgramFiles%/Winmail Opener" folder)
/D=c:\WinmailOpenerSpecify default installation folder

Q: Is it possible to uninstall Winmail Opener in silent mode?

A: Since version 1.5 you can use the switch /S for running uninstaller without any confirmation messages:

uninst.exe /S

Q: Is it possible to use widcards in batch operations?

A: No, Winmail Opener expects only one real filename in the parameters list. But you can achieve this by writing a simple .bat file like our user did (save the text below as run.bat, modify the paths if needed):

for %%a in (c:\In\*.dat) do wmopener.exe "%%a" "c:\Out"

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