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Flash Archives movies
Big archive of flash content. Categories include 3D, Animations, Cartoons, Applications, Effects, Games, Scripting, and more.

Newgrounds portal
Newgrounds flash portal: original and one the largest Flash portal on the web.
Big archive of the Flash stuff. Macromedia Flash Resources and Tutorials.
Categories: Animation, Games, 3D and more. intended mostly for developers.

Interesting projects

Animated cartoons and riddles featuring Nasty Santa, Hoola Boy and the Riddle King.

Modern living
Han Hoogerbrugge's Modern living/Neurotica series - esoteric surreal flash animations.

Flash Games

Gremlin UK
Games from Sonic to Streetfighter, made in Macromedia Flash.

ToniPa games
Original flash games by ToniPA: Lost picture, Full flowers, White is not Enough, High Wheels and more.

Ebaum's world flash games collection.

Wicked Good Flash Games

Not enough? Find more at the Google Directory!
Google Directory - Macromedia Flash Animations

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