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Winmail Opener

Have you received an email attachment named winmail.dat that you don't know how to open? Winmail Opener is a tool that can open it without asking the sender to resend it!

  • Small and simple winmail.dat viewer
  • Easy access to enclosed files
  • Works on your computer, you don't need to upload your private data elsewhere
  • Free for personal and business use
  • Translated into 21 languages
  • Over 2 million downloads
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Flash Movie Player

Have a collection of good old flash cartoons or games? Want to play SWF files a standalone player with advanced capabilities? Free and small, Flash Movie Player is for you!

  • Small and simple Flash player
  • Supports rewinding, full-screen mode, and playlists
  • Works via Flash player plugin despite its deprecation (no security risks imposed)
  • Translated into 40 languages
  • Over 2 million downloads

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Registry Jumper

Do you often use Windows Registry Editor and want to quickly navigate to the right key?
There's a solution - Registry Jumper!

  • Navigate to the desired registry key in seconds
  • Completely free
  • Save favorites for frequently used registry keys
  • Keeps a navigation history
  • Supports regjump:// custom protocol
  • Over 100 000 downloads
  • Exceptionally small program
  • Recently updated

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News & Updates

16 July 2024

Registry Jumper 3.0

Wow, we updated the program after 19 years since the last update!
Now with the latest Windows and 64-bit registry support! New features added, some bugs fixed. For a complete list of changes, see What's new.
15 November 2023

Flash Movie Player 2.1

The new version features an updated installer with a better Flash plug-in library setup on the newer versions of Windows.
10 June 2021

At long last, the new version of Flash Movie Player is out!

We haven't updated our Flash Movie Player since 2008. A lot has happened since then, including the notorious Adobe Flash Player End Of Life. We found the workaround and are pleased to introduce you the updated Flash Movie Player 2.0.
15 March 2021

New version of Winmail Opener released

After a long break, we are back with the updated version of Winmail Opener! Fixed issues with running as administrator and a crash when DEP was enabled. In addition, the application menu design has been improved.
16 November 2017

Download.com statistics snapshot

Just for reference, here are our software download statistics from Download.com, which is our main, but not the only download location:

Download.com statistics for Eolsoft
28 May 2017

Winmail Opener updated

Exe packer updated, which should prevent DEP false positives in the latest versions of Windows.
25 May 2014

Winmail Opener 1.6

Winmail Opener 1.6 has fixed hanging on some kinds of files and improved the attachments extracting algorithm.
21 October 2012

Winmail Opener 1.5

Winmail Opener 1.5 features minor improvements, more languages, and a silent uninstall option.
01 April 2008

Winmail Opener 1.4 released.

Some bugs fixed, multilanguage support added.
14 October 2007

Winmail Opener 1.3 released.

We've made some tweaks and bugfixes, check them out.
07 January 2007

Flash Movie Player 1.5 released!

What's new? Volume control, Screensaver mode, "Installed Flash information" command, some bugs fixed.
19 November 2006

Winmail Opener 1.2 released.

Added ability to save RTF message while working in command-line (silent) mode.
30 May 2006

Winmail Opener 1.1 released.

Some improvements have been made, and some bugs have been fixed.
09 March 2006

Flash Movie Player 1.4 released.

Fixed some bugs, added snapshotting functionality. What's new?
27 December 2005

Flash Movie Player 1.3 released.

New release of our freeware SWF player Flash Movie Player. Firefox & Opera cache support, revised playlists and other enhancements.
02 December 2005

Winmail Opener 1.0 released.

Winmail Opener is a small and simple utility that allows you to view and extract contents of TNEF-encoded messages (infamous winmail.dat). That means if you receive winmail.dat on your e-mail, with Winmail Opener you can view the rich text message contents and attachments embedded into this file.
28 September 2005

Flash Movie Player 1.2 released.

Fixed some bugs, background movie color setting added; now the player restores fullscreen if it was closed in fullscreen mode during the last launch.
19 August 2005

Flash Movie Player 1.1 released.

Multilanguage support added, some new features and improvements: Open from web, Add from IE cache to playlist.
05 August 2005

Flash Movie Player 1.0 released.

Our freeware standalone SFW movie player released. Rewinding, EXE projectors support, playlists, enhanced fullscreen mode, and more…
20 July 2005

A new version of Registry Jumper released.

Registry Jumper 2.0 is available for download. Added Favorites support (Quick launch from favorites, Add to favorites, Organize favorites, Export favorites list to HTML format). Now you can get access to your important registry locations in several clicks! What else is new?
13 May 2005

Flash Movie Player 1.0 Beta released.

Flash Movie Player is a free stand-alone player for ShockWave Flash (SWF) animations, based on the Macromedia Flash Player plug-in. In addition to all Macromedia Flash Player abilities, it has some extended features, such as animation rewinding, advanced full-screen mode, EXE projectors support, and playlists.
10 May 2005

Registry Jumper updated.

Updated version of Registry Jumper is available for download. Some bugs fixed.
14 April 2005

Registry Jumper 1.0 released.

Registry Jumper is a small freeware utility that makes navigating the Windows registry easier. This tool allows you to open desired registry keys in Windows Regedit with just one click.

Works in two modes: GUI mode (graphical interface) and command line mode (opens the registry key specified as a command-line parameter).

In addition, Registry Jumper handles the custom "regjump://" protocol, which can be used, for example, in links in HTML pages to point to specific registry locations.